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Find out what  some of our Members say about the BCCI.


former President, Aviva Italia Holding SpA

"Aviva is delighted to give its support to the BCCI. As a British Company operating in Italy we are proud to cooperate with an organization that offers a range of services, specific training and occasions for networking. As members of the BCCI, companies have the opportunity to participate in high level events in the presence of leading figures in Economics, Finance and Politics." 


former Country Manager & General Counsel, Barclays Italy

“In Italy, the British Chamber of Commerce holds an important role in terms of supporting the business activities and economic relations of companies operating in and with Italy. In recent years, Barclays has had the opportunity to witness the strength of the BCCI through our collaboration and, as an English bank with a consolidated presence in Italy, believes it important to further develop this alliance. We are proud to be taking this next step.”


Former VP Strategy & Sales - Worldwide Inspection, Lloyd’s Register

"In the actual Oil & Gas and Energy business environment, characterised by increasing demand for quality, safety and reliability but decreasing prices, our services are continuously challenged. As the quality of our deliverables cannot be compromised, considering that risk identification and control is our main objective, we need the right contacts with actual and new clients, industry stakeholders and organisations sharing the same values.
The BCCI supports us through events, meetings and networking, in increasing our client base and reputation. The mutual benefit deriving from this constructive relationship represents now and hopefully in the future, a tangible and valuable cooperation.”


CCO – Chief Commercial Officer, London City Airport

“The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy  and its membership network provides a quality platform for London City Airport to engage with local business partners doing business with UK. London City Airport values the support offered by the chamber and its highly professional and engaged team.”


Milan Area Director of Sales, Marriott International

“Marriott International is very satisfied with its fruitful cooperation with the BCCI, which strongly contributes to the enrichment of our connection with British industry, the second largest market for our hotels in Milan. Every month the Westin Palace in Milan hosts a BCCI networking lunch; working together in this way we are able to enhance the connection we have with our clients as well as other stakeholders. Our association with the BCCI has been invaluable in establishing profitable relationships with what for us is one of the most important target markets, and we hope to continue this partnership, which helps us to achieve our objectives and search for new challenges.”


former Market Manager, The London School of English Group 

“The London School of English Group is a new member of the BCCI. We joined because we were impressed by its commitment to actively promoting the business interests of its members; for the valuable access it provides to the Italian market; and for its prestigious membership events. Since joining we have been impressed by the professionalism and dedication of its staff. We are confident that the BCCI will help us to raise our profile and increase our sales in this important market.”


former CFO, UPS Italia

“Being a key player in global trade, UPS’ association with the BCCI and regular sponsorship of events has been invaluable in keeping our brand top of mind in this important and highly competitive market.  Working with a well-connected organization has provided invaluable introductions. BCCI membership has also been helpful to our British expats settling quickly in Italy, a key to a successful executive assignment.”

Special Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members

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