The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy

The President's Update

The President of The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy Tom Noad updates all Members regarding the Chamber's current plans and activities.

Publication list

The President's update - August 2019
(Issue date: August 2019)

The President's update - April 2019
(Issue date: April 2019)

The President's Update - December 2018
(Issue date: December 2018)

The President's Update - May 2018
(Issue date: May 2018)

The President's Update - July 2017
(Issue date: July 2017)

The President's update - November 2016
(Issue date: November 2016)

The President's update - Welcome and Members Survey
(Issue date: September 2016)

The President's update - Farewell, Welcome and Brexit
(Issue date: June 2016)

The President's Update - December 2014
(Issue date: December 2014)

The President's Update - January 2014
(Issue date: January 2014)

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Special Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members

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