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Britaly is the Chamber’s regular newsletter, which is sent via e-mail to over 1,100 addresses. The newsletter contains a full listing of the Chamber’s events and news as well as information concerning BCCI Members.

Britaly also acts as a journal, allowing BCCI Members to send their articles to the entire Membership and beyond, helping to communicate directly to the English Speaking Business Community in Italy. Contributions are welcome. To discuss promotion opportunities in our Chamber Magazine, please contact:
Maria Rosa Allegra, Business Development & Commercial Services:
Tel.: +39 02 877798
[email protected]
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Publication list

Britaly Newsletter - October 2019, No. 289
(Issue date: October 2019)

Britaly Newsletter - September 2019, No. 288
(Issue date: September 2019)

Britaly Newsletter - July 2019, No. 287
(Issue date: July 2019)

Britaly Newsletter - June 2019, No. 286
(Issue date: June 2019)

Britaly Newsletter - May 2019, No. 285
(Issue date: May 2019)

Britaly Newsletter - April 2019, No. 284
(Issue date: April 2019)

Britaly Newsletter - March 2019, No. 283
(Issue date: March 2019)

Britaly Newsletter - February 2019, No. 282
(Issue date: February 2019)

BCCI Monthly News - January 2019, No.281
(Issue date: January 2019)

BCCI Monthly News - December 2018, No.280
(Issue date: December 2018)

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