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(Resources to assist business planning for brexit)
Many of our members are concerned about the possibility of a so-called No Deal Brexit. We have made strong representations to the negotiating parties on the need for an agreement, and the need to remove uncertainty as much as possible over the next 2 years as we enter the post-Brexit implmentation period.
In her latest press release, the UK Prime Minister is asking all political leaders including all members of parliament to listen to businesses all across the UK who have supported the Brexit deal negotiated with the EU.
As concerned members of the European and Italian business community and on behalf of Italian business we echo this call and believe the time has come to get behind and support the deal currently negotiated between the EU and the UK. The Withdrawal agreement provides stability and certainty for businesses and citizens, at a very difficult moment and in time for the UK’s orderly exit from the EU on March 29, 2019, as provided for in the Article 50 notification provided by the UK to the EU 2 years ago.
The UK government has indicated they will put the current deal to parliamentary vote in the week of 14th January.
At this stage it is possible that the currently agreed deal will not be ratified by the UK parliament.
In the event of such a scenario, The UK Government has prepared detailed guidance and communications for interested persons available via their website;
How To Prepare If The UK Leaves The EU With No Deal
The European Commission has also prepared guidance both in the form of the Brexit preparedness website, and yesterday, the Commission issued a statement to announce temporary measures designed to limit disruption of Britain’s potential exit if the current deal is not ratified by both UK and EU parliaments.
Link to announcement:
Brexit: European Commission implements “no-deal” Contingency Action Plan in specific sectors
We aim to assist all our members, business partners, and the Italian-British community during the Brexit process, please be in touch with the Chamber if you wish to know more.


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