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Laboratori Fabrici Srl - CLAIRY

Laboratori Fabrici is the first producer of air purifiers truly based on nature, technology and Made in Italy design. Our products, Clairy and NATEDE, use the power of plants to eliminate indoor air pollution.

Clairy is a filterless natural air purifier that gets rid of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) with an outstanding design and a groundbreaking tech core. It also allows you to monitor indoor air quality through your smartphone’s app.

NATEDE is the first IoT-ready and natural air purifier. It collected $1M on Kickstarter becoming the most funded anti-pollution product ever and won the German Design Award. In addition to what Clairy already does, it features also an incredible photocatalytic filter that gets also rid of viruses, bacteria and significantly reduces odors.
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Corporate Member
Piazzetta Ado Furlan 4
33170 Pordenone
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Contact name
Dario Molea
International Sales Manager
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