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Commonwealth Business Conference

@Palazzo Giureconsulti - [Milan] - [Start: 10:00] - [End: 17:00]
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>> download programme (PDF) << Internationalisation and the Commonwealth perspective
Britain and Europe in the changing global environment

Wednesday 28th November 2018
from 10.00am to 5.00pm
Palazzo Giureconsulti, Piazza dei Mercanti, 2 - Milan

Primary sponsor: PwC TLS
Main sponsors: DWF, BSI and Roger King Srl

While some of the most important and long standing geo-economic assumptions are being challenged, and we appreciate that the European Union cannot be replaced as a significant trading partner of the UK, we will take the opportunity to explore the Commonwealth perspective and experiences.

The Commonwealth consists of 53 countries voluntarily bound together by a Charter and a common will to create shared policies and priorities that guide each country’s development in the pursuit of ongoing peace, security and prosperity. 

In concert, business must continually evolve and adapt to changing global trade conditions, and be aware of and explore different options and new markets for growth and sustainability.

This forum will provide a unique opportunity in Italy to consider and compare Europe and the future of the United Kingdom, with the perspective of Commonwealth nations.

Throughout the day participants will have the opportunity to gain insights from exceptional panels of speakers including Commonwealth country representatives providing their own perspective, as well as a focused business seminar that will provide critical information and important guidelines for expanding abroad, as well as export case studies and the necessary tools for a successful internationalization strategy.
-Daniel Shillito - President, The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy, Opening Remarks
-HMA Jill Morris CMG - British Ambassador to Italy & San Marino, Britain and the Commonwealth
-Hon. Alexander J G Downer AC - Former Commonwealth Governor, former Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and former Australia’s High Commissioner to London, The Commonwealth perspective
-Leonardo Simonelli - President, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK, Redefining cross-border partnerships for mutual interest
-Jo Tarnawsky - Australian Deputy Ambassador to Italy, Libya, Albania & San Marino,  Current Australian perspective
-Stefano Boldorini - Vice-President, Indian Business Forum, Negotiating India: a business perspective
-John Shehata - Associate Partner, PwC TLS, Engaging Africa, European & Commonwealth insights
-Ann Clifford - New Zealand Consul General & Trade Commissioner
-Lotta Vikman - UPS Italy, Marketing, Export – getting it right. Real life examples.
-Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher - Kultur.Elle, Founder & CEO, Cultural intelligence - achieving business success across borders
-Steven Sprague - CastaldiPartners, Partner, Internationalisation for SME businesses whilst preparing for Brexit
-Javier Castells - BSI, Branch Manager Italy & Spain, The benefits of BSI Kitemark and Product Certification for Commonwealth countries
-Vassilis Akritidis - DWF, Partner - Head of WTO & International Trade, Opportunities and challenges for the UK of new regional integration trade agreements post-Brexit

>>download the Programme (PDF)<<

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