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The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy is a Member of the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE). 

COBCOE is the dynamic business organisation that links over 90 British chambers of commerce and business groups through a global network.

With a core membership of 42 British bilateral chambers of commerce, COBCOE represents over 8,000 businesses across Europe, working closely with its chambers and partners to advance international trade and business with the United Kingdom, and is considered to be an effective voice for British business with access to key political and business decision makers both in London, Brussels and other parts of Europe.

COBCOE has affiliations with the major UK regional chambers of commerce, foreign chambers in the UK, foreign embassies in London, British embassies as well as other like-minded business membership associations within the UK and across the world.

COBCOE works closely with UK Government, foreign governments, Embassies and corporate partners in the spirit of mutual assistance and support, together providing a hub for information, contacts and access, with practical services and support via its trade and investment Make Europe Work!® programme, enabling companies to become a major part of and benefit fully from this dynamic and ever evolving network.  

Through this strategy of co-operation, on a micro level COBCOE serves its constituent members and represents their interests, and on the macro level the organisation serves the philosophy and culture of the British chamber movement as a whole by demonstrating its ability and capacity to deliver effective B2B services, and benefits via the chambers network.

COBCOE is a strategic partner of UKTI and has worked closely with the organisation over a number of years to assist them to deliver objectives of mutual interest. On a policy level COBCOE  links  in  to the FCO, the EU Commission and other governments through its active Public Affairs Committee which is based in Brussels, where proposed business legislation is closely monitored and the views of its membership is further communicated.

Through the COBCOE Training Academy and Quality Standard COBCOE is actively encouraging its members to develop into major organisations that are well-respected, influential and in tune with the needs of their members. Through formal programmes of continuous professional development, COBCOE supports member chambers to reach their full potential, in order that they may serve their members to succeed.
You can see more about COBCOE and its member chambers on its website at

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