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Over the years ELCS (English Language Consultancy Service) has cooperated sporadically with Speak Up for interviews and articles. Since spring 2012 we have worked more closely together, with the ELCS consultant, Susan Boyle, writing a monthly column called “Extraordinary English”, which highlights a unique, or at least unusual, English language course offered by one of our partner schools.

Speak Up is the first monthly audio magazine specifically designed for people who want to practise their English. It is available both online and in a print version, and contains articles and interviews on a broad range of subjects. The material is also tailored for different levels of comprehension (from A2 to C1). The interviews are in audio format and appear on an accompanying CD, while the transcripts are to be found in the magazine. These interviews enable readers to listen to a variety of accents from the English-speaking world. There are also supplements which cover such subjects as: how to write an email or how to manage a meeting.

Speak Up

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