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In 2013 The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy “adopted” Comitato Fiori di Lavanda Onlus as its official charity for a three year period as part of the Chamber’s ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.
Childhood leukaemia: in 1970 there was only a 5% chance of survival for childhood lymphoblastic leukaemia. Put another way, 95% of children died. However, following the last 40 years of research, in 2014 there is now an 80% survival rate. This is a huge increase in the overall survival rate, thanks to research, research, research. But put another way, 20% of children still die. Indeed, even today certain strands of leukaemia still do not respond well to treatment, for example, in the age group under 6 months old where the success rate is a pitifully low 20%. In other less palatable words, 80% of these babies under 6 months old will still die. Continued research into the causes, cure and prevention of leukaemia is therefore paramount.
We need a goal of a 100% survival rate, improved treatment protocols to be tailored for each individual patient, and even a future vaccine in years to come.
Comitato Fiori di Lavanda Onlus: Comitato Fiori di Lavanda Onlus is an Italian charity established in 2010 to fund research into childhood leukaemia. The Charity is proud to be supported by HM Ambassador to Italy, Christopher Prentice CMG, the Charity’s patron. The Charity has two distinct goals in the area of leukaemia research:
1.  Leukaemia research in Monza: the Charity is currently supporting the Ospedale S. Gerardo in Monza in their research activities, in particular by providing funds to the dedicated leukaemia research team led by Fondazione Tettamanti. Since 2012 the Charity has been supporting Dai! Costruiamolo insieme!, the initiative led by Comitato Maria Letizia Verga Onlus to replace the existing research centre at the Ospedale S. Gerardo in Monza by the construction of a new expanded research centre for Monza at a cost of €11 million. A new research centre for leukaemia research in Monza, with space for foreign exchange researchers, will facilitate the existing leukaemia research programs & help in advancing the current 80% cure rate.
2.  Monza - UK research initiative: the Charity is currently funding four Italian research assistants from Monza to collaborate with English research centres (such as the Cancer Research Institute in Sutton, Surrey). This is an annual programme of cross-border collaboration, and in 2014 we aim to raise €150,000 to support this initiative. One of the focuses of the Monza researchers when they are in the UK will be assisting their English colleagues on researching the causes of the “Milan Cluster” where 7 children from the same school in Milan contracted leukaemia in a 2 week period in October 2009. This close collaboration is integral to the advance of international research, for developing treatment protocols and generally to promote closer ties in the field of research. In fact, a joint UK – Italian treatment protocol will be launched this year as a result of similar research collaboration.
Code of Ethics: the Charity adheres to a Code of Ethics to be:
(a) honest and transparent in raising funds for research into childhood leukaemia;
(b)efficient in the administration of those funds; and
(c)effective in the use of those funds, with the aim where possible to apply 100% of those funds in the pursuit of the Comitato's mission and aims.
How can you help? Please support us with your 5x1000, it costs you nothing! Please give the following code to your accountant: 95104810130.
Please see our website  for details of our fundraising events and where it is possible to make donations online. Recent events have included Charity teams running the Venice, London and Florence marathons, an art auction at Palazzo Clerici in Milan hosted by Christie’s International and gala dinners at the Villa D'Este in Como. All events raise funds for research into childhood leukaemia.
Thank you for your support.

Comitato Fiori di Lavanda Onlus
for research into childhood leukaemia ~ per la ricerca sulla leucemia del bambino
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