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The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy

The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy is a partner of The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. Both organisations work together on joint projects for their mutual benefit.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy (ICCI) was originally founded in 1975, while the present edition came into being on 14th January 2002 with the aim of creating, promoting and developing business, cultural and tourism exchanges between India and Italy. Thanks to its activities and the commitment it dedicates to small and medium-size businesses, it is recognised to all intents and purposes as a Chamber of Commerce by the Italian Ministry for Industry (Ministero delle Attività Produttive) and is registered with CAMERE DI COMMERCIO ITALO ESTERE O ESTERE IN ITALIA at Unioncamere under registration no. 33 of 5th February 2003.
The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy has its main operational office at Via Moncalvo 80, Milan, and correspondent offices in Mumbai and New Delhi, India. Over the coming months the aim is to open new offices in collaboration with major business associations in the Regions of Italy and other cities in India.

ICCI operates with an active and flexible structure that enables it to provide small and medium-size businesses with a wide range of integrated services rapidly and effectively. Its main task is to solve the problems that businesses face when entering foreign markets, in particular Italian firms going to India and Indian firms entering Italy. All this is supported by a network of professionals specialised in different areas of international trade.

The organisational structure consists of a number of people working full-time at the main operational office in Italy and the two correspondent offices in India, one in Mumbai and the other in New Delhi. In addition there are a number of external partners with whom a network has been created to support the development of international business. The network of external partners has enabled a number of services to be introduced, dedicated to small and medium-size businesses and characterised by quality and professionalism. ICCI’s partners are providers of legal services, services for the protection of intellectual property, banking and insurance services, marketing and communication services, logistics and transport, etc. All of these service providers are coordinated by ICCI in order to offer small and medium-size businesses an excellent integrated service. This will give small and medium-size Italian businesses the opportunity to invest in India through a single, authorized interlocutor.

For further information please contact ICCI headquarters in Milan:
Tel.: +39 02 4071109
Email: [email protected]

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