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The longstanding  partnership between laVERDI and The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy allows all BCCI Members to attend  some of the concerts organised by laVERDI at very special prices.
Founded in 1993 by Vladimir Delman, the Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra has been regarded as one of Italy’s leading ensembles. Under the direction of the Chinese conductor, Zhang Xian, the orchestra performs an impressive range of repertoire: from Bach, to the main symphonic composers of the nineteenth-century, to classic contemporary works from composers like Benjamin Britten. The season’s program is comprised of 38 symphonic concerts per year. These concerts are often combined with more unusual compositions as well as some concert series such laVERDI’s own “Crescendo in Musica”, a program devoted to the musical education of children and teenagers.
In 1999, laVERDI debuted its own state-of-the-art concert hall, the Auditorium di Milano. In celebration of their new “home”, the Giuseppe Verdi Orchestra performed Mahler’s “Symphony n. 2” led by conductor, Riccardo Chailly.
The Coro Sinfonico di Giuseppe Verdi was founded in Autumn of 1998 under the direction of Romano Gandolfi, a talented artist who has worked with some of the world’s top conductors. The choir itself consists of one hundred vocalists who showcase their talents by performing a wide range of works including opera, symphonic, polyphonic and chamber music from the Baroque to the twentieth century. In 2006, Erina Gambarini took on the role of Choirmaster and has since continued to lead the Verdi Choir with great success.

In keeping with tradition, laVERDI has established a small annual cycle of musical pieces that are incorporated in each symphonic season such as Mahler’s symphonies, Bach’s Passions for the Easter concert series and Beethoven’s Symphony n. 9 for laVERDI’s New Year’s Eve spectacular.

Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Sinfonico di Milano Giuseppe Verdi

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