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Promos and The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy have been collaborating for many years with the common aim of attracting foreign companies that want to invest in the Italian market.

Promos is the Special Agency of the Milan Chambers of Commerce dedicated to the promotion of international activities. Its mission is to support the competitiveness of Milanese entrepreneurs in the world marketplace, by providing advanced products, services and tools to adequately support small and medium-sized businesses in their activity on foreign markets.

Promos organises promotional activities around the world: trade missions, expedition to international exhibitions, incoming of buyers, seminars about new business opportunities in foreign countries, customized assistance to companies looking to approach new markets for the first time in addition to assisting those that want to strengthen their presence in the Italian market.
Promos  also works together with Unioncamere Lombardia - the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce network – with the support of Regione Lombardia to promote  a project called “Invest in Lombardy”.
Invest in Lombardy is the service for attracting foreign investments into the Lombardy region.
Invest in Lombardy is structured as a regional network that works closely with local business communities to help address foreign investors needs. Its  goal is to facilitate businesses, investments and partnerships by assisting foreign companies through each step of the business set up, and in particular by providing support in all crucial phases from basic market information to technical assistance to after care service.

Invest in Lombardy has recently launched a new soft landing program called Land in Lombardy which is an initiative geared towards foreign companies looking to get a taste of the region’s market. Foreign investors are offered the chance to establish themselves in selected Lombardy based business centers, scientific technological parks and incubator, where they will receive a free ready-to-work office space for up to 3 months and start-up assistance through Promos’ qualified business partners which will be able to assist them with the setting up a new business in Lombardy.

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